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Consumer Rights Act Receives Royal Assent

The Consumer Rights Act received Royal Assent on 26th March 2015, beginning an era of what the Government describes as enhanced and easier to understand rights for consumers.

The Act brings together existing laws from eight different pieces of previously existing legislation, but also introduces a number of new consumer rights that will come into effect on 1st October this year.
Key provisions of the new Act include:

“For too long consumers and businesses have struggled to understand the complicated rules that apply when buying goods and services,” commented Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson.

“That is why the Consumer Rights Act is so important in setting out clear and updated consumer rights for goods, services and, for the first time, digital content,” she added.

Joanne Lezemore says:

“The Act is very welcome for consumers because it consolidates a lot of the existing laws in place, but also gives consumer some new and enhanced rights, and clarifies the remedies available to consumers when things go wrong.  Any business that provides a service or sells goods will be affected and businesses will need to make sure they are fully aware of the changes.”

The Act also includes a number of measures designed to specifically reduce the burdens of understanding and applying consumer law:

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